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Thought Garden Children’s Book


Jack is a boy with a wild, vivid imagination, and that meant each day was filled with wonderful, untamed adventures. But when a classmate says something mean to Jack, the thought plants itself in Jack’s mind and begins to change him. Join Jack as he learns how to deal with the thought garden in his mind and plant healthy thoughts rather than mind weeds. Learning how to point, pull, and plant will help us keep our thought gardens healthy and strong no matter how old we get.

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As I began to place my identity back in the one who created me I started to notice my thoughts shift. Instead of thinking negative thoughts of myself, I started to believe the wonderful truth that I am good because He is good. Instead of looking at my imperfections in the mirror, I would look at myself and say “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Constantly correcting my thoughts to God’s truths helped me tremendously when it came to finding my identity in him, and replacing Satan’s lies with bible verses allowed me to find joy that went beyond my circumstances.


Mt. Juliet, TN

Laura, I just finished reading your book, and wow. It’s incredible. I’ve told all my friends to get it because I think it’s amazing. I’ve read it every day for the past 18 days and I really feel like I have grown so much from it. I really needed to hear all the words you wrote and to be directed to all the verses in the chapters and I know I grew from the journaling and received such peace from the meditation. I just want to thank you for writing it because it is so special to my life now and has really helped me in huge ways the past couple of weeks. Thank you so much for writing it, I really look up to you!


College Student

The Thought Garden in my opinion is one of the best adult devotional workbooks available. Laura not only presents and explains a much-needed topic in today’s world but lends her expertise in mitigating negative thinking and suggesting mindfulness techniques that are data-driven and psychologically and emotionally important.  I appreciate how she fluidly takes traditions like breathing exercises and meditation, which aren’t widely promoted in Christianity, and teaches the reader how to seek God in moments of solitude and study and how these techniques benefit the mind, body, and soul.  It’s unlike any other devotional or workbook I’ve ever read before.

Rachel P.

Murfreesboro, TN